NeighbourLink Parkland has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry, needy and under-represented members of our neighbourhood families. 

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St. Augustine's Parkland Anglican Church

​131 Church Road, Spruce Grove, AB.  T7X 2K4

p: 780-962-5131

Christian Fellowship

445 King Street, Spruce Grove, AB.  T7X 2C6

p: 780-960-3223

e: cfoffice@inchrist.ca

East Parkland Bible

4704-79 Ave., Stony Plain, AB.  T7Z 1X6

p: 780-963-6355

e: churchoffice@epbc.ca

Good Shepherd Luthern

5010-52 Ave., Stony Plain, AB.  T7Z 1C1

p: 780-963-3131

e: goodshepherdstonyplain.ca

Holy Trinity Catholic

200 Boundary Road, Spruce Grove, AB.  T7Z 3A5

p: 780-960-0135

Immanual Lutheran Church of Rosenthal

Box 2965, Stony Plain, AB.  T7Z 1Y4

p: 780-963-4048

e: office@ilcr.ca

Lighthouse Church

49 Boulder Blvd., Stony Plain, AB.  T7Z 1V6

p: 780-963-3110

e: lighthouse@lhpc.biz

Parkland Baptist Church

121 Brookwood Drive, Spruce Grove, AB.  T7X 1C4

p: 780-962-4101

e: office@parklandbaptist.ca

Salvation Army Church & Community Centre

165 Liberton Drive, St. Albert, AB.  T8N 6A7

p: 780-458-1937

Spruce Grove Alliance Church

250 Century Road, Spruce Grove, AB.  T7Z 1W6

p: 780-962-4700

e: office@sgac.net

St. Andrews United Church

1A Fieldstone Drive, Spruce Grove, AB.  T7X 2Z3

p: 780-962-0488

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

101 McLeod Ave., Spruce Grove, AB.  T7X 2H8

p: 780-962-3766

e: office@sprucegrovelutheran.ca

St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Stony Plain

5021-52 AVe., Stony Plain, AB.  T7Z 1C1

p: 780-963-2416

Stony Plain Alliance Church

4900-53 Ave., Stony Plain, AB.  T7Z 1V3

p: 780-963-2082

Stony Plain United Church

5014-51 Ave., Stony Plain, AB.  T7Z 1C2

p: 780-963-4745

e: stonyus@telus.net

St. John Lutheran of Golden Spike Road

51301 RR274, Spruce Grove, AB., T7Y 1H8


​e: stjohngoldenspike@gmail.com

Peace Evangelical Lutheran

303 Church Road, Spruce Grove, AB.  T7X 3A2

p: 780-962-2180

e: peaceg@telus.net

Neighbourlink Parkland is dedicated to providing practical assistance to individuals in the area. Neighbourlink service delivery includes information, referrals and the supply of donated household and daily living items such as furniture and toiletries.

Working with local partners has given NeighbourLink a service advantage.  These relationships allow Neighbourlink to pursue all available resources in order to find solutions for our clients.

Meeting client needs is important to Neighbourlink, as is the style in which the service is given.  Neighbourlink makes sure that clients feel supported, but not pitied.  It is Neighbourlink's job is to assist others in a way that respects their current situation and preserves their dignity.

Neighbourlink has become a necessity in our community with service requests steadily growing year after year.

Neighbourlink Parkland is proud of the work they do and will continue to make sure that help gets to the people who need it.



*Fundraising Dinner with Live Auction,  Entertainment & Silent  Auction

Saturday April 7, 2018

Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. 

NeighbourLink Parkland

Chairperson:          Dick Lutz

Treasurer:               Sharalynn Lyons

Secretary:               Lorraine Stewart

Member:                  Walter Harley

Member:                  Arnin Dirks

Member:                  Lorraine Comrie

Member:                  Sharlene Page

Member:                  Nat Rutter

Member:                  Bill Steinburg

Member:                  Vinette McLean

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